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You Were Born To Find a Job - The Job You Were Born To Do

By Terje Ellingsen

Do you think that there is a reason why you where born? Do you have a mission? Do you think you have an unique gift and that you were born for executing this gift? If you answer 'yes' I believe you are right. You should find a job that was meant for you and your career planning should revolve around finding your true mission in life and then do it. Everyone of us has a deep need to feel useful and to know that our natural born abilities are being employed to their fullest potential. This is where the career or job searching process should start.

To achieve the job that will satisfy you one hundred percent, you have to be able to look inside yourself and ask for your true nature and find out what your unique mission is on this earth. Unfortunately the fewest of us have been taught how to live our lives and choose careers in accordance with what we were meant to be. Most of the time we search for answers to our questions outside ourselves rather than go inside ourselves to find the true answers.

When you have asked all your questions, retrieved and analyzed your answers, you'll have a much clearer image of the kind of job you were meant to have. Now you are ready to prepare for getting this job. Your next step is to fill the knowledge gap that's eventually standing behind you and the job you were meant for. This is done by investigating all the possible options there are for you to acquire this knowledge, whether this be a 5 years college study or a simple e-course to obtain a specific certificate.

When your knowledge gap is filled time has now come for finding the job you were meant for. More and more hiring managers are now reviewing electronic copies of resumes, and to be honest this is the simplest and most efficient way for you to submit it as well. Write a great resume in your word processor and save it. Now go online and do a search for "jobs" or "job search" or some related keywords and you will come up with a list of job search websites. There are lots of general job searching websites like CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com as well as specialized job searching services like Accounting.com and SalesJobs.com online. The former job searching sites always have thousands and thousands of job listings. The latter is designed for people looking for very specific jobs. You should compile a list of at least 40 such sites and hit them every day. The more you work with this the more likely you are to catch your dream job fast.

The first time you enter each of these sites, you should post your resume on it. This is the most work intensive part of the search process, but if you do a careful and thorough job in the beginning, you will benefit later. If you want to save time though, you can use one of several resume posting services on the web that will do this job for you. These services might be well worth it's price. The nice thing with these job resume posting services is that they can post them to lots of job search sites; I know companies that can post a job resume on over 60 sites. Can you imagine what this means for you? Your resume will be available for millions of recruiters. And the more you expose yourself, the sooner you'll have the job you were born to.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website 1st-Self-Improvement.net. Terje is a Sociologist who enjoys contributing to the personal growth and happiness of others. He tries to accomplish this by writing about self improvement issues from his own experience and knowledge. For example, career planning and online self-employment for achieving financial independence.

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