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Suite 303, 3rd Floor, San Luis Terraces, 638 T.M. Kalaw Ave., Ermita, Manila, Philippines
T +(632) 5168993
(632) 5214992
F (632) 5214992
E info@anc-ph.com

Human Tec Co.
Floor No.3 behind Al Ghanim Complex
Al Bagli Complex Tunis St. Hawalli, Kuwait
Contact Person: Mr. Mohammad M. Burhan-Regional Manager


Dear Sir/Madam:
We appreciate the time and effort you spend in contacting us and thank you for your interest in A&C INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES INC.

In order to promptly process your application, please submit the following documents completely: (PHOTOCOPIES ALL IN 2SETS AND A LONG WHITE FOLDER)

1. Resume with detailed job description
2. Employment Certificates
3. Certificate of Trainings and Seminars Attended
4. VALID copy of Passport and NBI Clearance
5. 3pcs. MOST RECENT 2x2 Photo

You can submit it personally so you can fill-up our Application Form or thru mail/courier (i.e. LBC, JRS, DHL) Our office hours is from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

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